Arukah, meaning a place of healing and restoration . . .

It all started with a dream . . .

A dream to see hearts healed and buildings restored.
Its about LOVE . . . for God, His creation, nature and especially people.

The lovely 1892 Country House on DikkopVlakte is only an hour and a half from PE,
25 min from Grahamstown and Bedford and very easily accessible from the main road.
This is the place to find rest and to restore your heart, spirit and soul.

What our guests have to say . . .

  • If you are looking for a tranquil getaway, this is just the place to be!! This beautiful HUGE farmhouse is the perfect setting for family to reconnect and friends to explore the unspoiled vlaktes, relax and just feel at home. Stay a week, your soul will be rejuvenated and you and your family and friends will have memories to last a lifetime.
  • Gasvryheid in oorvloed. Kamers so groot soos sale! Egte Karoo-vriendelikheid en skoonheid. Eks verlief op DikkopVlakte!
  • A wonderful place to be. We really enjoyed our stay. Hope to come back in the near future.
    Detlef H. Schnabel
  • Die "awesome-ste" tye daar en ongelooflik mooi...baie gesëende grond waarop mens beweeg as jy daar is en so vredevolle gevoel wat Dikkopvlakte oor mens bring......
    Liza van Heerden
  • We all love visiting a farm, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city. We love the beautiful scenery, feeding a little lamb, we enjoy the freedom, the huge open landscape, climbing over the fence or opening a large farm gate tied up with a wire or two. But it’s one thing visiting a farm, and it’s a WHOLE lot different living on a farm, surviving and trying to make a living on a farm. We all need God, we know He is our Provider and Protector, but a farmer has to walk hand in hand with his Maker, believing and trusting God for the timely rain and alinement of all the elements in nature. Trusting that God will protect his family when he is out working and sleeping safely at night after a hard days work out in the veld. The Van Kerkens gave us a glimpse of this life, we have no words to thank them enough for their love, kindness, hospitality and prayers. May you and your family be blessed in everything that you set out to do!! We love you!!! God bless!!
    Carol Heukelman
  • I had the privilege of staying at this guest house for 4 wonderful days. I left there feeling well rested and stress free. Well worth the stop if you are traveling that way. The farm is awesome. The owners are really friendly and accommodating.
  • What an amazing farm and family blessed and highly favoured of the Lord. What an honour and privilege it has been to spend time there. Looking forward to our next visit
  • A beautiful place to rest and allow yourself to refocus. The people are amazing! There is an indescribable beauty here...
    Laverne Gadiah
  • My wife and I , along with three friends stayed at Dikkopvlakte for five days in January. We enjoyed five unforgettable days of peace and quiet, fresh air, gorgeous scenery and great company at the guesthouse. Thank you Tommy and Carine Van Kerken, you and the girls were amazing hosts. We preciously remember our time spent there and cannot wait to do it again soon soon soon
    Dawood Norshib
  • Breathtaking and the perfect place to unbend. Owners are welcoming and warm.